Walk and Talk

Walk and Talk assists people who have an interest in walking along the riverside to connect with nature and connect with others in their locality, it has run on an annual basis since 2007.

Walk and Talk runs every Thursday setting off at 11am from Frankwell car park by footbridge in Shrewsbury for further information see poster:

Walk and Talk photos

Walk and Talk 2018 Poster (PDF)

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Walk and Talk 2007 report and Photos

Radio 4’s All in the Mind did a programme about Walk and Talk which was broadcast on 29/06/2010. The recording was made whilst on the walk and gives a good idea of what Walk and Talk is like. It can be accessed on www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00sv5bk

Walk and Talk Paper

Presented at International Wellbeing Conference, Birmingham 2011

On Monday 27th January Clare Balding joined us on to make a follow-up programme she made for BBC radio 4's Ramblings programme. She joined us on a walk with ex-members of the walking group run by Tony and Pat for many years, people who have come on Walk and Talk, and other members of local walking groups. The Ramblings programme aired on Thursday 6th March and saturday 8th March. Click link below to listen to programme.

Ramblings Programme BBC radio 4

Well-being 2011

Walk and Talk Telford 2010
This group ran along the same lines of the original Walk and Talk group in Shrewsbury. It was open to anyone and between 4 and 10 people attended every week from April to September 2010. People who attended reported enjoying the company of others, the informal setting and the opportunity to get out for a walk. Unfortunately the group has not run in subsequent years due to work pressures, team changes and a perceived lack of support for community work.