Nicki Evans

I have been a member and co-facilitator of various Psychology in the Real World groups. I helped develop the original idea for the first Writing Group and have co-facilitated three writing groups since. I have also been one of the people that has run Walk and Talk over the past few years. I co-facilitated a Thinking about Medication group with Zounish Rafique in Telford and currently organise Film club with Guy Holmes and Patrick Larkin. On a personal note, having been given a diagnosis and medication, I feel that challenging ideas and practices in mental health has proven crucial for me. I am now aware there are many unimplemented routes, which do not include hospital environments or being heavily medicated, that lead to a better sense of wellbeing. I have a fondness for animals, especially my dog, the outdoors, travelling, photography and writing poetry as a means of expressing myself, something that has developed since co-facilitating the Writing Groups. I also have a keen interest in computers and have built and currently maintain this website.

Psychology in the Real World groups I have been involved with

The Writing Group 2008

The Writing Group 2009

Thinking about Medication 2010

The Writing Group 2012

Walk and Talk 2009 - Ongoing

Film Club -2012 - Ongoing

Toxic Mental Environments 2013


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