Marese Hudson

Marese Hudson spent eleven years in the mental health system during which time she suffered many hospital admissions and was prescribed major tranquillizers, anti-depressants and minor tranquillizers. When she decided to come off she came up against medical negativity and found no expertise or services within the mental health system regarding withdrawal. She was helped to come off by a substance misuse service providing a group for people on prescription drugs. She has not re-entered the mental health service since and has not taken psychiatric drugs for 17 years. She was a founding member of Shelton Hospital’s Patients’ Council and has worked for many years as a volunteer at MIND. She co-facilitated a Thinking about Medication course in Shrewsbury in 2006 and Out of the Box in 2006-2007. [This information is reproduced from the contributors page in the book Psychology in the Real World: Community-based group work.]