Useful Links

PCCS Books the leading publisher in the UK of books and journals that critique concepts and practices in the area of mental health

Asylum Magazine – a great quarterly read from leading activists in the area of mental health

Evidence based groupwork – a site that assists people to gather evidence regarding the effectiveness of groups

Seroxat User Group – a campaign group for people who feel they have been harmed by SSRI anti-depressant medication

The Icarus Project and – websites that assist people to safely reduce and come off psychiatric drugs

The Living with Medication Group – a Leicester-based group that helps people question issues to do with psychiatric drugs

MIND Medication Group – a Nottingham-based group that helps people think about issues to do with psychiatric medication

Old Market Hall cinema – Shrewsbury cinema that Filmclub and the Rainbow Film Festival takes place at

The Lantern – Shrewsbury library outpost and community centre that several Psychology in the Real World groups have been held at

The Gateway – Arts and Educational Centre that several Psychology in the Real World groups have been held at

Shrewsbury Coffee House – Community café that housed a Writing Group and the launch of this website

Telford MIND – a local MIND centre that ran two Thinking about Medication courses

Critical Psychiatry Network – a group of psychiatrists who critique harmful practices in psychiatry and mental health

Midlands Psychology Group – a group of psychologists who critique harmful practices in psychology and mental health

David Smail - a psychologist who emphasises the importance of power and interest in terms of shaping society and human behaviour

Rufus May – psychologist whose blending of personal experience with psychological knowledge overlaps with many Psychology in the Real World philosophies

Adbusters – Journal of the Mental Environment and campaign group on the social causes of mental distress

Psychology Wiki – site housing resources from psychology research

Community Psychology Section – site for psychologists interested in community psychology

Meetup - support group for people of minority backgrounds involved in clinical psychology

The greenoak foundation – affordable counselling from a local social enterprise whose founder has come to psychology in the real world groups in the past
Mad in America provides resources and a community for people interested in re-thinking mental healthcare in America and abroad

RxISK is a free, independent drug safety website where you can search a prescription drug to see what side effects have been reported and share your experiences.

Books of interest- Click on picture for further Information (opens in new window)

The Therapy Industry, Paul Moloney

Psychology in the Real World, Guy Holmes
our encounters with self harm