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Psychology in the Real World is an umbrella term under which a number of groups, courses and ventures have taken place in Shropshire, and increasingly nationwide, over the past decade. Rather than bringing people together because they have a shared problem or diagnosis, Psychology in the Real World ventures bring people together who have a shared interest. For example: Understanding Ourselves and Others brings together people who are interested in exploring a variety of theories about people’s behaviour; The Black Dog and Bipolar Explorers enable people to critique ideas about depression and manic-depression; Toxic Mental Environments brings people together who want to analyse the social causes of distress and try and bring about social change; Thinking about Medication and Out of the Box attracts people who want to discuss a wide range of issues about medication and support each other in coming off psychiatric drugs; Walk and Talk enables participants to access the benefits of being in the countryside. Women in the Real World enables women from various cultural backgrounds to discuss women in society and women's mental health whilst critiquing the influence of different systems on women's lives (including media, local and national agencies, and others around us); Film club does likewise regarding watching films at a local cinema and discussing their relevance to our lives afterwards in the pub; This is Madness brings people together who want to critique and bring about change in mental health services.

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Film Club for February 2018 - Wednesday 28th February 5.30pm

Film Club for April 2018 - Tuesday 3rd April 5.30pm


Guy Holmes has been recently made a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences, after being nominated by the President of the British Psychological Society. Others made Fellow of the Academy this year include the labour market economist Lord Layard and Guardian journalist and campaigner Gary Younge, as well as the psychologists Peter Fonagy and David Clark.

Announcing the conferment, Professor Roger Goodman FAcSS, Chair of the Academy, said:
“I am delighted that we have been able to confer a Fellowship on all these eminent social scientists. It is particularly gratifying to include a larger number of economists, policy makers and practitioners on this occasion. This is a result of our work to see representation from these areas increased to maintain balances between the individual disciplines and between academics and those working in the policy and practice communities.”


Walk and Talk 2017 - runs every Thursday setting off at 11am from Frankwell car park by footbridge in Shrewsbury, see poster for further information.


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